Why Not Personalize Your Board !

           To purchase engraving for your board,

              GO TO Catalog 

              GO TO CUTTING BOARDS

             YOU'LL SEE AN ENGRAVING TAB -Top of page- click on tab for options & pricing.

 Names, dates, a special quote, heart & initials, company logo or a hand etched picture! Send us your image and we'll see if we can reproduce it.

              Professional Laser Engraving - Ex. of Past Work

 The words are laser engraved by a machine. You can see the  wood grain slightly through the words.                                        Words are not as black as the hand etched/burned in.

 Hand Etched Designs/Logo - past work

The logo/designs are etched by hand with an etching machine.  Burned in and come out black! 

             Hand Etched Engraving - Ex. of Past Work 

  The words or the designs are etched by hand.                    Words are burned into the wood and come out black! 

                                       UNIQUE PLAQUES

           Retirement gifts, Employee dedications!  

  Above:   Metal Holders - customized on Walnut Live Edge Slab
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